Real-Time Multiplayer Game Developer Specialist

21 Sep 2022

We are hiring!

Real-Time Multiplayer Game Developer Specialist

SALARY brackets
6 000 – 16 000 PLN


Day of Duel is an upcoming e-sport web service for gamers from all over the world. With its fair matchmaking system, users can compete with each other for real money, playing games! And the main thing is that this is not a gambling!
The rule is simple – choose a game, choose a stake (between 0,5$ and 1000$), queue up and compete against enemies with similar skills in Duels or other tournament modes. The winner gets aggregate stakes.
This is not a gambling because the games will not be randomly generated (each player within a single match will have the same initial state and same map, arena, jewels, obstacles) as well as winning will depend on your skill and/or agility and not RNG.
Making real-time multiplayer online games lets us work with gaming industry’ influencers and create games especially suited to their preferences, needs, online content and also suited to their audience (with whom they can compete with).
As of right now, we are working with polish youtuber Rojson and Juventus’ football player Arkadiusz Milik (both are co-funders and both will have their own games) and we are willing to cooperate with many more.Create online games with us in this journey. Together we will explore best gaming mechanisms for YouTubers and Twitchers (and their audiences) as well as just create the best suiting games for our platform.


The main goal is to find specialists for real-time multiplayer networking. The rest depends on your skill which can be either Unity, UE5, PlayCanvas, TypeScript.
We are aiming for web applications as we want to achieve maximum cross-platform abilities.
We would like to create native apps eventually.
We are able to provide game developers as we are particularly looking for a networking expert.
Contact us for more details.



Ci / CD
Unreal Engine 4




We offer

Being a part of this insane journey with specialists, visioners and well-known influencers. We can work remotely or on-site in our modern office Mysłowice, Obrzeżna Północna 15. We will treat you with great respect as we know and appreciate your high value.

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Web service is being created with all modern standards.